The PUPPETMASTAZ are a Rapgroup consisting of Handpuppets.
They call themselves a „Toyband“, the first in the world actually. Imagine a mixture of the Muppet Show and the Wu-Tang Caln and you are very close.
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After some appearances on local TV Stations, the got a record Deal with Labels/EMI in 2002 and released their first Album, „Creature Funk“ in 2003. The Single „Pet Sound“ reached underground fame and their 2005 Single Release „Bigger the Better“ really got them some Airplay.
In the past 8 Years of their career, Puppetmastaz have played more then 400 Live Shows in front of more then 400.000 viewers. 
And you can see no human beings in the Puppetmastaz Crew, because after their own story, there are none…
The Puppeteers/Rappers sing, rap and play live, while the music is played by a DJ, as usual in HipHop Shows.
And this is the official Story how the Puppetmastaz were formed:

THE PUPPETMASTAZ – a short history (of a big mystery):
In the early 1990´s, when fat producers and brown bankers were casting innocent boys to clone teenage hysteria, the Puppetmastaz decided to form a toygroup. Often described as Hip Hop, the Mastaz stand firm in frameless puppetstyle. Drifting between Circus and Club Culture, destorting any cliché, thourolly bashing up the pop world and setting no limits in musical styles. Maloke: "It´s a jazz thang"

And this is how it happened:
Mr. Maloke, a mole equipped with a top hat and a splitting tongue, left Crooklyn to settle down in Berlin, where he announced the socalled ”Congress of Puppetry”. He was the chairman of the congress, which was not so difficult as he was the only member. One day, he bumped into a group of puppet frogs, consisting of Big Eye, Pit and Turbot the Toad, who, instantly interested, joined the Puppet-congress.
Word got around and soon Puppets came from all continents with different rhyme influences, but that same interest of blasting the Loonie-Verse: Galaxies bursted, wormholes opened and the sun put on a smiley face. In effect the Puppetmastaz were formed.
Head of the Band is Mr. Maloke, a mole withg a top hat. The first appearance of the Puppets took already place in 19096 in Berlin underground club „Ex-Kreuz-Club“, the Puppetmastaz as a HipHop Act were formed in 1999. Their fiorst Video „Wick-a-Woo“ has been played by MTV Germany and also they had appearances in small TV-Stations.
The first 12“ was released in 2002, called „Humans get all the Credit. In 2003 the 12“/CDM „Pet Sound“ and „Zoology“ followed as well as the debut Album „Creature Funk“.
In 2004 a Remix Vinyl only Album was relesed, called „Prosetti´s Disco Balls“, in 2005 „Bigger the Better“ (12“ and CDM) and „Creature Shock Radio“ (Vinyl/CD-Album).
In 2006, the Live Show „Clones live in Berlin“ was released as a CD/DVD feature on Vicious Circlle.
Especially in France the Puppetmastaz have a strong and dedicated Fanbase, up to 5.000 people come to their shows and celebrate the most unique and most amazing Music Concert you can imagine.
In 2007, Puppetmastaz developped a Kid´s Show and played it with great success in Berlin for Kid´s of the age between 4 – 12 years.
Apart from the official Version of „no Humas, only Puppets“, the Puppetmastahz have Helping Hands from humans, amongst them the finest of Berlin Underground such as Paul PM (early DHR-Act), Nitro, Bomb 20 (DHR), Patric Catani (E de Cologne, EC8OR,  Candie Hank), Gonzales, Mocky, etc. etc.