Guido Möbius

● 1969 born in Duesseldorf
● 1972 move home to Cologne
● 1988 final school exams of secondary education (matriculation examination)
● 1988 – 1990 civil service
● 1990 immatriculation at University of Cologne: german langunage and literature,
    philosophy, history
● 1990 – 1995 concert promoter at Buergerzentrum Engelshof, Cologne
● 1990 – 1995 diverse band projects in Cologne
● 1996 – 1998 Freelancer for Autogram/Costbar Records (EFA) as A&R, producer,
● 1997 move home to Muenster, Westfalen
● 1997 foundation of Autopilot Music Publishing,
    artists: zeitkratzer, Nicholas Bussmann, FS Blumm, Trabant Echo Orchestra,
    The Marble Man, Vert a.o.
● 1998 move home to Berlin
● 1998 foundation of emphase record label, releases: the ONE split 7-inch series
    feat. Hans Reichel, Pierre Bastien, Mats Gustafsson, Franz Hautzinger,
    Guido Möbius a.o.
● 1998 freelance publicist for Piranha Records (EFA)
● 1998 - 2000 publicist and A&R for Ninety-Nine Distribution
    label: Baraka, Knitting Factory, Liquid Sky, No Man’s Land, Shimmy Disc,Tricatel,
    Tzadik a.o.
    artists: Bongwater, Buena Vista Social Club, Pascal Comelade, Melt Banana,
    Mike Patton, John Zorn a.o.
● 2000 publicist for Beggars Group Germany
   label: 4AD, Beggars Banquet, Locked On, Mantra, Mo Wax, Rex Records,Wiiija, XL
   artists: Cocteau Twins, The Cult, Maxim, Llama Farmers, Whistler, Magnetophone,
   Natacha Atlas
● 2001 Head of publicity/promotion for Labels Germany/Virgin Records
   label: City Slang, Grand Royal, Bungalow, Svek, Bad Magic, Source, Wall of Sound,
   Pussy Foot a.o.
   artists: Kings Of Convenience, Calexico, Ladytron, Zoot Woman, Turin Brakes a.o.
● 2001 foundation of Autopilot Publicity, clients: sonig, smalltown supersound,
   Universal, Deutsche Grammophon, accidental, House Of The World Cultures a.o.
● 2003 record release: solo album “Klisten” (Klangkrieg Produktionen)
● 2004 until now: head of press CTM Festival
● 2005 record release: solo album “dishoek” (Dekorder)
● 2005 EU Tour with FS Blumm and Anne Laplantine
● 2005 record release: Blackbox Autopilot Compilation (emphase)
● 2006 EU Tour with Go:Gol
● 2007 Autopilot Music Publishing EU Festivaltour, along with the record labels
   SONIG and KARAOKE KALK and the electronic music magazine DE:BUG
● 2009 record release: solo album “Gebirge” (Karaoke Kalk)
● 2009 EU Tour solo:
   NL Le Hague, AT Vienna, GER Berlin, CH Zurich, NL Utrecht, IT Padua, FR Paris,
   CH Basel, CZ Brno a.o.
● 2011 record release: split 12inch „asper #2“(Clapping music, Dokidoki éditions)
● 2012 record release: solo album “Spirituals” (Karaoke Kalk)
● 2012 EU Tour solo:
   NL Le Hague, FR Paris, GER Hamburg, PT Madeira, IT Rome, CH Genève a.o.
● 2013 record release: remix album “Though The Darkness Gathers” (Karaoke Kalk)
● 2014 EU Tour solo:
   GER Landau, IT Faenza, IT Loreto, GER Fusion Festival, FR Paris, GER Landau a.o.
● 2015 record release: Autopilot Compilation (Album Label)
● 2016 record release: solo album “Batagur Baska” (Shitkatapult)

Guido Möbius