04.02.77 born in Stuttgart
raised in Heidelberg
95-03 Disk Jockey
since 1998 Sound with Computer
since 2001 Darmstadt (study of product design)
in between Berlin (Studio Aisslinger)
since 2006 Zurich (ZED.)
Major musical influences: Rap / Hip Hop; other influences: lots 

Have you been inspired by any artist or other people?
 - Kit Clayton, also see my major musical influences. My daughter Adenike.

What is happening with you at the moment, any musical development or changes?
- Currently, i´m more into designing things than making music. Anyway, musically i´m interested in almost everything that happens at the moment. A lot of downtempo stuff and acoustics, because it´s souly music.
I´m taken with the solid steel radio show. If i get back to music some day this would influence my music for sure.

What will happen with your shit in the future? Planning any releases, collaborations, etc.?
- Not yet.

Various Artists