Frank Bretschneider



1. Elektrik
2. Numerik
3. Logik
4. Optik (For-Yen-Ni)
5. Elastik
6. Statik
7. Plastik
8. Mechanik
9. Sputnik
10. Motorik

It moves, it sings. ...but does it swing? Anyway, it represents the soundtrack of my life, my musi- cal in uences: some San Francisco psychedelia, some London underground, some Berlin school (old & new). Krautrock from Cologne & New York minimalism. A shot of Detroit grit, a bit of Mos- cow dust, a splash of Paris charm? Who knows. Its about daily grind, the passing of time, the change of seasons & relations. Reality & ction & perception. Biography - back & forth.

BRETSCHNEIDER was raised in Karl-Marx-Stadt (now Chemnitz) in the German Democratic Republic. He is the founder of the in uential East German underground band AG. Geige and co- founder of the prestigious raster-noton label. He lives as a musician, video artist and producer in Berlin.