SHITKATAPULT presents 27.06.2014, Suicide Circus Berlin

ULLI BOMANS - LIVE (record release "Riven")
and very special guests... 

"RIVEN" by ULLI BOMANS comes straight from the heart of SHITKATAPULT, both personally and musically. As Schieres and Shrubbn!! (with T.Raumschmiere), ULLI BOMANS has been releasing uncompromising electronic music since the day the Berlin Label was founded.

Listen and Like, Love or Leave. Available on LP + download and as MP3.

Unser Künstler ULLI BOMANS bringt seine neues Album RIVEN im Juni im Hause Shitkatapult heraus.

New Candie Hank Album & LP / Download OUT NOW!!

Candie Hank is a project of Patric Catani, a Kreuzberg-based man of 1000 faces. With his new album Demons Hank shows that he now knows how to channel his flow of ideas in the right direction. Right from the opening track The Fox he presents a new type of desert rock or pimped surf music, of course with proper beats and bass...

Strike 148 is the label´s first attempt for the worldwide record store day - in love for records and stores. This exclusive and limited 10inch vinyl contains one track each side by UK avantgarde techno producer CRISTIAN VOGEL and Shitkatapult founder T.RAUMSCHMIERE. It's colored vinyl and strictly limited to 300 copies.

As a matter of fact, some of the tracks compiled on „Eagles“ were recorded years ago, and a few of them have even seen a release, but some things take time, and for Tom Thiel and Daniel Meteo this meant putting together album #3 a whopping eight years after the second Bus album Feelin’ Dank came out.

The idea of founding a new label came spontaneously and it was not an easy task, even though we had already had long been running Shitkatapult, a label for electronic extravagances. We are also very dedicated to the publishing side of our enterprise, Random Noize Musick, through which we represent artists such as Apparat, Oval, Raz Ohara, Phon.o, T.Raumschmiere and many others.

Born under a bad sign...
SHITPARADE label owners and best friends DANIEL METEO & T.RAUMSCHMIERE finally teamed up in the studio to bring birth to their first release as dad and dad.