This year, we have, as so many others, a special offer for special people: 16% off of every item available in the shop, except for MP3s. This offer is ending at X-Mas 2016. Last packages will be sent out December 21st. But we don't guarantee that it will reach you in time, so, be quick and check everything out as soon as possible...

Nineteen Years of Shitkatapult: X-Mas Compilation

Cristian Vogel - The Assistenz

SHRUBBN!! is proud to announce that our new album "Europa" will be released on 11.11.2016 on Shitkatapult!!
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Das Bierbeben - Schwarze Spinne EP

This 10" comes with 4 brand new tracks by the Hamburg- / Berlin-band "Das Bierbeben". You can get it at several shops on Record Store Day, April 16, 2016 - or directly at our shop. EP is in clear vinyl with a black print on the clear sleeve. It has also a red printed inner sleeve, but no download-code. SAVE THE VINYL!!!

Das Bierbeben - Schwarze Spinne EP
Interview mit Jan Müller   

Guido Möbius - Batagur Baska

Nothing on this album actually goes together. We hear bouncy patterns played on analog synthesizers, and then a recorder. Rumbling, grinding industrial hall percussion develops through vocals played backwards into something like acid Krautrock. We are talking about BATAGUR BASKA, the first piece from the album of the same name by Guido Möbius.